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  1. Coxo C Smart-1 Pro Endomotor With Apex Locator
    Special Price $1,105.00 was $1,127.00
     0.6 - 4 Ncm
     150 - 650rpm
     With Apex Locator Function
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  2. Phillips Zoom Light Activated Kit
    Special Price $316.00 was $318.00
    • Dual Patient Procedure Kit
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  3. Prevest Denpro Orafil G Temporary Filling Material
    Special Price $5.00 was $7.00
    • Temporary restoration of cavities in interval between tooth preparation and permanent cementation.
    • Cementing medium for temporary inserting all types of permanent crowns. 
    • and bridges.
    • Non eugenol formulation offers non irritating properties.
    • Resin addition gives high adhesive properties.
    • Quick and void free curing in moist environment.
    • Slight expansion of filling material ensures well sealed margin.
    • Excellent adaptability.
    • Simple to apply with filling instrument.
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  4. VOCO Solobond Plus Light Curing Dentine & Enamel Bond
    Special Price $71.00 was $73.00
    • Direct restoration with composite restoratives for all cavity classes.
    • Adhesive luting of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers with resin cements.
    • Quick and time-saving application.
    • Can be used with or without dentine etching.
    • For light-curing, dual-curing and self-curing composites.
    • Two-component system optimised for dentine and enamel.
    • “Stick-immediately-effect” for simple application and modelling.
    • Universal for all restoratives.
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  5. Voco Calcimol Self Curing Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price $25.00 was $26.00
    • Effective protection of the pulp.
    • Easy application.
    • Suitable working time.
    • Short setting time.
    • Contains 26% calcium hydroxide.
    • Radiopaque.
    • Supports the formation of secondary dentine.
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  6. Voco Meron Plus Resin Modified Glass ionomer Luting Cement
    Special Price $38.00 was $39.00
    • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, bridges on hard dental tissue and on cores rebuilt with amalgam, composite or glass ionomer cements.
    • Metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
    • Crowns manufactured from alumina-only or zirconia-only cores.
    • Orthodontic appliances.
    • Long elastic phase for convenient excess removal.
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  7. Voco Quick Up Self Cure Material
    Special Price $92.00 was $95.00
    • Quite simple chairside use.
    • High strength values.
    • Complete set for immediate use, including checking and blockout material for primary structures that require protection, e.g., implants.
    • Ideal combination of self-curing luting material and light-curing correction material.
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  8. Voco Solobond M One Step Bonding Agent
    Special Price $45.00 was $46.00
    • Direct restoration of all cavity classes with all light-curing restoratives in total-etch technique.
    • One component – one application.
    • Excellent adhesion.
    • High material elasticity and permanently tight margins.
    • “Stick-immediately-effect” for easy application of the restorative.
    • Universal for all light-curing restoratives.
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  9. Zeta 1 Ultra Zhermack Disinfecting Solution
    Special Price $29.00 was $33.00
    • Once prepared, the solution remains stable for up to one week, but if used to disinfect a large number of instruments or instruments that are heavily contaminated with blood, saliva or organic tissue, the solution should
    • be changed more frequently 
    • For particularly hard waters increase the dose of zeta 1 ultra until a clear solution is obtained. Any slight difference in the perfume is due to the presence of natural fragrances and does not jeopardise quality of the product
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  10. Zhermack Gingifast Elastic
    Special Price $65.00 was $82.00
    • The high elastic module facilitates model removal and reinsertion.
    • Excellent aesthetic result due to its translucency characterized by veining.
    • Precision and dimensional stability.
    • Can be used both with direct and indirect technique.
    • Addition silicone formulation in a cartridge.
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  11. Euronda Saliva Ejectors
    Special Price $3.00 was $4.00
    • High quality, transparent, saliva ejectors from Euronda. Made in Italy.
    • Can be bent and retained at any angle as necessary, due to the rigid support inside the saliva ejector.
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  12. Blossom Oats Nitrile Exam Gloves Extra Soft Gloves Made With Oatmeal
    Special Price $14.00 was $16.00
    • The composition of colloidal oatmeal contributes to its moisturizing, protective, cleansing, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.
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  13. PDT Dental Wingrove B5-6 Implant Scaler R661 Lot of 2
    • PDT Dental Wingrove B5-6 Implant Scaler R661 Lot of 2
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  14. Zhermack Zetaplus Indurent Gel Catalyst Only
    Special Price $6.00 was $8.00
    • Reduces mucous compression in the phase of insertion in the oral cavity.
    • Excellent hardness after setting.
    • In the two-stage technnique, it acts perfectly as a special tray .
    • In double mixing, it adapts to the consistency of low viscosity fluid.
    • Variable working and setting times according to catalyst quantity (Indurent gel).
    • Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray.
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  15. Ormco Orthodontic Ortho Solo Primer Bond Only
    Special Price $14.00 was $18.00
    • Highly filled light-cure adhesive. Bis-GMA resin for superb handling characteristics, easy cleaning.
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