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  1. GDC Chromo Metal Bracket Kit 5-5 MBT
    Special Price $57.00 was $60.00
    • GDC Chromo Metal Bracket Kit 5-5 MBT
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  2. Orthodontic Study Model With Half Metal & Half Ceramic Brackets
    Special Price $73.00 was $82.00
    • Brand New & High Quality.
    • High quality material.
    • Brand new Orthodontics model with metal bracket.
    • For dental lab using.
    • For dentist studying and researching.
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  3. D-Tech Econo N MIM Metal Brackets
    • MIM Bracket with monoblock construction.
    • Hooks available on cuspid & bicuspids.
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  4. D-Tech Econo N Mesh Metal Brackets MIM Bracket With Mesh Base
    • MIM Bracket with additional mesh base.
    • Hooks available on cuspids & bicuspids.
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  5. D-Tech Econo Mini Metal Brackets
    • Roth Prescription Mini Bracket.
    • Mini size bracket with torque in base.
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  6. D-Tech Econo Classic Metal Brackets
    Special Price $11.00 was $12.00
    • Roth Prescription Classic Bracket.
    • Comfort sized brackets with low profile.
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  7. Illusion Poly Crystaline Ceramic Bracket
    • Illusion Bracket System provides an economic alternative for those preferring aesthetic orthodontic treatment.
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  8. Denext Metal Bracket MBT 345 Hook
    Special Price $5.00 was $6.00
    • Denext Metal Bracket MBT 345 Hook
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  9. Denext Ceramic Bracket With Metal Slot MBT O.22
    Special Price $82.00 was $115.00
    • Polycrystalline ceramic bracket with metal slot.
    • Accurate slot & low profile.
    • Mesh base (In mold) for better bonding.
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  10. Prevest Denpro Fusion Self Etch Bond 7 Bonding Agent 5Ml
    Special Price $14.00 was $18.00
    • As direct / indirect restorations with light cured composites.
    • Single step bonding agent for direct composite restorations.
    • Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel.
    • Long lasting bonding strength.
    • Universal for all light curing restorations.
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