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  1. SDI Pola Office One Patient Bleaching Kit
    Special Price $54.00 was $60.00
    • No bleaching light required.
    • No light is required to accomplish effective results, however any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes.
    • Flexible gingival barrier.
    • Pola Office’s flexible gingival barrier allows for a quick and clean removal.
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  2. Meta Biomed Nexcomp Nano Hybrid Composite Kit
    • Class I, II, III, IV, V restorations.
    • Diastema closures.
    • Direct veneers.
    • Composite and porcelain repairs.
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  3. Meta 4% Gutta Percha Point 120 Points
    Special Price $6.00 was $8.00
    • Made from the Finest Gutta Percha Uniformly Hand Rolled.
    • Stiff but flexible to provide ideal working qualities.
    • Uniform and non-distorting crimp.
    • Excellent radiopacity.
    • Long shelf life and freshness assured.
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  4. Meta Protaper Gutta Percha Points Aurum Pro
    Special Price $6.00 was $9.00
    • Meta Gutta Percha Points - Length Marked For accurate depth measurement and insertion
    • Uniform and non-distorting crimp
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  5. DiaDent Dia Proseal Epoxy Based Root Canal sealer
    Special Price $25.00 was $29.00
    • The ideal root sealer with Low Shrinkage reduced gapping between the sealer and canal wall.
    • Low solubility makes it resistant to breaking down over time.
    • 1:1 paste to paste manual mixing system.
    • Fast and Easy Preparation and Less Waste.
    • Mixing and handling is very smooth.
    • Excellent flow properties allow it to reach and seal lateral canals, making it especially suited to warm gutta percha methods.
    • Low risk of cytotoxicity with short setting time.
    • Better biocompatibility for a solution to the sensitivity and periapical inflammation.
    • High radiopacity.
    • Lightly coated Gutta Percha Points with a good film thickness.
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  6. DiaDent Gutta Percha Points Non Standard Pack Of 100
    Special Price $4.00 was $6.00
    • Exceed ISO specifications
    • Using a laser beam (Alvin Machine), each DiaDent  point is individually inspected for diameters.
    • ISO and ADA standard requires the use of 1/100mm incremental measurement units DiaDent uses 1/100mm increments.
    • DiaDent points provide a fast and reliable solution for root canal measuring and filling.
    • The points are Cadmium free, latex free, radiopaque and hand rolled.
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  7. DiaDent Diapex Plus Calcium Hydroxide WIth Iodoform
    Special Price $19.00 was $22.00
    • Treats traumatic injuries.
    • Bacteriostatic.
    • Quiets "hot abscess.
    • Intracanal medicament.
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  8. Angelus Reforcore Anterior Fiber Post Intro Kit
    Special Price $118.00 was $140.00
    • High mechanical strength: absorbs masticatory loads.
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s: lower risk of root fracture.
    • Esthetics: universal shade, excellent transmission of light.
    • Glass fiber: easy to adjust with rotatory instruments.
    • Simple technique: allows the fabrication of post and core in one session.
    • No corrosion: does not caus darkening of root or metallic taste.
    • Construction of prefabricated core build-up with prefabricated posts.
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  9. Angelus Endometric Endobox
    Special Price $14.00 was $15.00

    • Angelus Endometric is Support for endodontic files.
    • Safety and organization for endodontic files.
    • Sterilizable in dry heat and autoclave: Low risk of cross infection.
    • High performance polymer: Resistant to contact with chemicals.
    • Availability of refill: Biosafety assured.
    • For the support of endodontic files.
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  10. GDC Sternberg Retractor (CRCS)
    Special Price $11.00 was $14.00
    • Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.
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  11. GDC Dental Syringe Aspirating With Ring (1.8ml) (SYRA1.8)
    Special Price $11.00 was $14.00
    • GDC Dental Syringe Aspirating With Ring (1.8ml) (Syr1.8)
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  12. GDC Key Chain For Dental Cartridge (KCSYR)
    Special Price $6.00 was $8.00
    • GDC Key Chain For Dental Cartridge (KCSYR)
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  13. Angelus Reforpost Carbon Fiber Post Refill Kit
    Special Price $22.00 was $27.00
    • High concentration of fibers: great mechanical properties.
    • Metal filament: allows radiographic visualization. 
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s: lower risk of root fracture.
    • Conical tip: less tissue removal in apical third of root canal.
    • Parallel shape with grooves: great retention.
    • Direct use (prefabricated): saves clinical time and decreases lab costs.
    • Longitundinal fibers: easy removal.
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  14. GDC Plaster Shears (210MM) (PCS)
    Special Price $25.00 was $32.00
    • These plaster shears will cut casts rapidly and clearly and are considered to be the most efficient. In cast cutters the cutting edge has the correct angle for maximum performance and the edge is straight and extremely sharp.
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  15. Angelus Alligator Syringe Sleeve Needle Cover Pack of 3 (Preorder)
    • Playful: Facilitates the dentist’s work during anesthesia application.
    • Encouraging: It may be given to the patient as a gracious gift.
    • Sterilizable: Guarantee of Biosafety.
    • Mouth opening: Allows the passage of the needle with its cover.
    • Reduced length of mouth opening: Use of conventional and extra-short needles. 
    • INSIDE LEAD: Straight passage of needle when inserted without cover. 
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  16. GDC P.K Thomas #1 (PKT3)
    Special Price $2.00 was $5.00
    • Ideal for waxing procedures and techniques, PKT3 features a pointed burnisher used to perfect and enhance the supplemental and developmental grooves.
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